Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Vent, Part 2

Well, I am stepping back from the edge a bit to get some perspective. I took an extra dose of my Lexapro to help with the depression and I can already feel a difference. I am just SO grateful that this medicine is available. I also took my multi-vitamin and my B-50 complex. My body is so sensitive that just an extra amount of B vitamins can help bring my mood up.

I am still very frustrated about my schooling but I am taking a break from it for the rest of the day. I'll pick it up tomorrow when things have cleared a little bit. I am trying to follow my own advice of taking it one day at a time. In this case I am taking it one hour at a time.

I also realized that if I can't stand the paralegal program that I might be able to get an under-writing job with the help of my sister.

Thank-you Alekx and everyone else for you support. This is my reality right now but the moment seems to already be passing and a new, more calm moment seems to be arriving. This is such a good lesson for me in letting go and just waiting things out and watching what the next moment brings. It's as if the new book I'm reading, Buddhism Is Not What You Think : Finding Freedom Beyond Beliefs is reaching out of the pages and teaching and testing me.

Anyway, I'm off to a local coffee shop to meet with the owner on putting up some of my art work there. Plus, some boring errands but hey, those are my reality too!

---End of Transmission---


Mathieu said...

Glad the sun is shining again, good luck with the art placement!

Alekx said...

Can you bring me a cup of coffee..I really really need one right now...

Anonymous said...

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