Thursday, January 27, 2005



My head is like a balloon right now. Just a wisp of a string keep the balloon tied to my body.

I took the 2 Vicodin as recommended by my Dr. and so far I have:

-Felt like I was encased in concrete
-Had an imaginary convo with a "cop"
-Floated off my goddamn seat like some Mountain Guru
-Ate 2 snickerdoodle cookies. Mmmmmmm.
-Smoke a little doobage
-Watched, Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes back to back to back
-Watched, Shorties Watchin' Shorties.


I can't feel the keyboard. I better stop.

Anyway, that was my update via the Vicodin.

If anyone has found my brain please just spray it off and leave in the "lost and found" bin.


---End of Transmission---


Mathieu said...

Gee, is this stuff even legal? :)

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