Saturday, January 22, 2005


I can't go into right now but suffice to say that the solution is coming in the mail in 2-4 weeks (and no, i'm not going to shoot it or feed it poison. You can all breath out now. I'm not THAT crazy!!). Let's just say that soon the dog will be quiet and I'll have my serenity back.


Thanks for all the suggestions and compassion.

---End of Transmission---


Kitten said...

Hi James, I posted this to you earlier, but logger ate it.
i breed dogs...labs to be exact. Sounds like the dog is being neglected, lacking attention or otherwise bored. Its hard to correct the problem if hes an older dog.....but a bark collar could help...I would let the new guy know how you feel..Also..he could be said he just moved there? Well, dogs, like people...can be traumatised by a smells new sounds.....maybe he just needs time to adjust...let me know how you make out..xox

Mathieu said...

Glad if we managed to be of help, and good luck with the mutt!

Kate said...

I am so intrigued now ... well, keep us updated! I hope your personal hell is over soon x.