Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Mon Ange

I believe.

I am certain in the reality and miracle of Angels because I have personally been witness to them again and again. I have been living with a real, honest to God Angel for the past 6 or 7 years now. If you haven't guessed by now the person I am refering to is my dear, sweet, beautiful and very angelic wife Lori.

As I stated in a comment to my last post, those who do not believe in Angels have either: 1). Never met my wife or 2). Obviously do not know her very well.

It has been mentioned by several of my dear readers that my wife must be someone very special and such is the case. It is for this reason that I am doing this post.

I want to sing praises to my Angel and let her (and you all) know how much I care and appreciate her. She has touched my heart and soul in a way that I never thought possible. Her patience with this chaotic illness is unfathomable to me. I would have given up on myself a long time ago and yet she stays by my side and lifts me up when I fall.

She is my partner to walk hand in hand with through this battle field of Earthly life. I would not have it any other way. We understand and respect each other as if we have known each other for eons; and that is probably the case.

She is the air that I breath.
She is the sweet scent of relaxation that gives me rest.
My eyes fall upon her aura and I am over-come with waves of love and compassion.
I crawl into her bosom and find there a rest, a haven, a sanctuary from the fears and chaos of the world.

If there is a heaven and she is not there; then I do not want to go.

I love you sweetie.
Forever and always your lover and friend...

your Calvin
(she says in many ways I'm just like Calvin from Calvin in Hobbes and so she says that I am her "Calvin").

---End of Transmission---


Alekx said...

That was totally the most romantic, wonderful post I've read.
Thank you for sharing.

Kitten said...

How beautiful....Lori is a very lucky woman...I hope she knows just how blessed she is, James.

life of reilly said...

Damn, James you nearly bring a tear to my eye. I need a very special handbrake in my life, this single life is becoming too toxic. ;)