Monday, January 31, 2005

Little James Mini Side-Show, eh Slide Show

Commentary on the pictures is as follows:

Upper left: This is what I was thinking, "What the fuck is going on??? Stop screwing around with that goddamn flashing thing and lemme at this cake damn it!!!" Also, I would like to note. Look how big that mother f'ing cake is!! I'm i'm only 1 here!! It's quite obvious that this cake was meant for others. Also, that look on my face is pretty much the look I flash now too. I still haven't figured out this bass ackwards society in which I was born. On to the next specimen.

Upper right: O.k., here I am running around with next to nothing on. Kind of reminds me of that incident in the Canon Park later on in life went I was busted for streaking. O.k., so that didn't happen but it's good reading, eh? Had you going for awhile. Anyway, here I am running around with my belly exposed in my underwear. God, was there no child porn laws??? Well, I guess it WAS the 70's. And those low-riding undies!! I had a habit of carrying toys around in them. Either that or terds of course. Look at those calves!!! No wonder I like football (soccer to the fellow yanks). By the way, I still have a protruding gut. I was born with a hiatel herna which makes my guts hang out. Disgutting huh? Soooooo. Moving on.

Bottom left: Here I am waving my parents off. "No seriously. I'll just stay here. Living here in this little box thing sounds pretty good. Yep, I think that's a good sound judgement now GET LOST YOU TWO!!!

Bottom center: O.k., here I must have just gotten caught doing something I knew I shouldn't have been doing and I've obviously taken a big shitter in my plastic pants. "JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH and all the GODDAMN SHEPARDS!!! DON'T SNEEK UP ON ME LIKE THAT!!! YOU MADE ME HAVE A BLOW OUT!!!" Hey, check out the blue cowboy hat that matches the blue 70's diso shirt.


Bottom right: Look at me reading that book. I told you all I was a genius. So what if it was a pop-up book about terds or something. Also of note, check out the merri-gold couch in the backgroud.

Ohhhhh yeah.

That's got "P A R T Y" written all over it baby.
Alright and that's the show. Aren't you all glad you got to look at me as a kid?? Now that I've wasted your time I think I am going to go poke some smot, masturbate, play with knives or all of the above. Damn, I'm listening to Sasha's Ibiza disc right now and it's making me seriously want to roll. I'm seeing glow stick flash backs and everything.


Lemme just say


Sorry, I had to say that. I'm an old-schooler and was ravin' back in the day when it wasn't "cool." Good trance always kicks up the euphoria and brings back fumes from those blissful days. O.k., so there not in the past and the only reason i'm not rollin' balls right now is because I can't find the shit.

Oh come on.

Don't give me that "rollin' the eyes look."

Drugs are not a bad thing. You just have to give the right ones and in the right doses to the right people as one of my good friends like to say.

Oh and for those who do not know, "PLUR" is short for peace, love, unity and respect. An old (and now tired) phrase from the rave days.


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Kitten said...

I love baby pics, and that one with the ball is the swweetest...its o nice to roll down memory lane from time to time.....

Alekx said...

how very cute the little one is. hehehehehe

PLUR...I like plur

however I'm with you drugs are not all bad.
now they are rolling their eyes at me

Minega said...

'PLUR'...had never heard of that one before. I'm going to try it out on my friends here and pretend like its the new hot thing.

L.L.E. said...

((((((((((((((((((((james)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) sweetest thing i've seen all day! :) it's about time you put them up! PLUR...I like that.