Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Let's see.

Well, I had a juicy topic for a post last night and of course in my Kaya induced haze I forgot to write it down and now I'm forced to pull something out of my ass. Looks like this is going to be another recap post. Oh well, I can't have an awesome post everytime, right? Hehe..

Therapy went well yesterday. I showed my therapist my prints of those first 10 paintings and she seemed fairly impressed. She refered me to some studio in Boulder so I think I'll swing by there one of these days and see If I can't get my prints displayed there. Also, she imformed me of the Boulder Creek Art Festival in the spring so I think I am going to enter that as well as the one in my home town. Speaking of painting, I have finished my "goddess" painting and might have a picture up of the final product later today (by the way, you guys are killing me! You have to buy some of my prints, PLEASE!! I'm begging you. HAHA. I'm a starving, schizophrenic artist after all!! I need all of the help I can get! That being said, however, do not buy a print unless you really like it. I don't want any "mercy" buying. And don't forget to tell your friends about my art and my website. Word of mouth advertising is the best form. Hehe).

It is quite foggy, rainy and just kind of eerie today. Just my kind of day. Not too much light coming in the window to blind me and give me a headache. Rather Lord of the Rings-ish I guess. Given the weather I decided to put in the mysterious music of Ravi. I am addicted to this album. I play it over and over and over again. It is SO relaxing and entrancing. I just can't say enough about him or his music. True musical genius.

Oh, I worked out again yesterday! Go me!!! This is the second day, wooohooo!! Now, that probably does not sound like much but usually I commit to working out and only end up going one day every month or something pathetic. So far so good on my New Year's resolution. If nothing else I want to work out until we go backpacking this summer/fall. Last year I didn't work out and was too out of shape and the backpacking trip nearly killed both Lori and I. So this year we will be better prepared.

Speaking of the gym. I always do the eliptical machine which combines the tread mill, stair stepper, and cross-country skiing all in one machine. It is a great work out but it truely kicks your ass all over the place. I am always sweating like an Amsterdam hooker in heat when I get done with it. Well, anyway, I was on this machine for a while and I was working up a good sweat when this old guy sat down on the stationary bike next to me. That in and of itself was fine but as he sat down I was hit with the worst body odor scents that you can imagine. God I nearly lost my synche on the machine and fell off it was so powerful. It was like that really pungent body odor that nearly makes your eyes water. It was like a mixture of rotting garbage, ammonia and the scent of a dead animal. Goddamn is was nasty! To add onto that he had biting bad breath that I could smell too. His breath had the ammonia quality about it too mixed with onion and a cabbage stench. I mean it was terrible! It was so bad that I had to breath out of my mouth in order to finish my work out. Whew!!!! I sure hope that guy hit the showers before going back to work or going home. Shit. Maybe he lives alone because no one can stand his "none-showering" ways.

Anyway, today's agenda is very exciting indeed. I am going to rotate the tires on the car in a bit. Then I am going to come back home and work on some paintings and probably blog.

Well, I think that I am going to finally end this lame post. Hopefully i'll be better inspired later on.

---End of Transmisson---


Gama said...

I'm totally amazed by your paintings James.
Mathieu led me here, Im glad he did.

Mathieu said...

I hope that gallery works out for you, that'd be a Good Thing(TM).

My favourite at the gym is the Elliptical, as well, it's a great way to do some cardio, sweat a little, burn some cals, and warm up for the weights. Congrats on keeping up the motivation!

About that smelly d00d, if anyone came to OUR gym smelling like that, he would be asked off the floor, tho. Zero tolerance. That's just disgusting.

james said...

Gama: Thank-you. Your are very kind. I would love to see some of your paintings some day too. I just love art in all its forms. Paintings, photography, music, poetry/writing, etc.