Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqi Election

I have been glued to the television today watching the historic elections in Iraq. I am so very glad that the violence was at a minimum today. I got chills in watching the Iraqi's voting, showing off their "purple fingers" to verify that they braved the fear and voted. I couldn't help but crack a smile and applaud when I watched a group of Iraqi's dance after casting their votes. It was nice to see Iraq have a postive and progressive day for once.


The only reason there was not massive violence today was because of the American military protecting the poll stations in mass numbers. Not to dampen the day but I have to wonder what will happen once the Americans leave. Right now the Iraqi's do not have a strong enough army/military to protect themselves. And even if we build up the numbers, will they stand as strong as the Americans when it is up to them alone to fight off the terrorists? Only time will tell.

We are not coming home anytime soon. We are not out of the woods yet. This is a huge step that was taken today but there is a lot more work ahead for everyone. We still have to see what kind of government the people have elected. Did the religious fundamentalist Shia dominate? Did the Sunni make good on there boycott? And if the Shia dominate the new government, will the Sunni now take the country into a civil war or will they turn in their weapons and co-operate? Lots of questions still to be answered.

More then likely there will be more bloodshed before full stability is achieved. That being said, however, it sure was cool to see these masses of Iraqi's lining up to vote.

Very cool.

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Mathieu said...

Amen, I had the same feeling(s) watching them yesterday and this morning. Their joy was infectious, and I couldn't help worrying for them.

May Allah the merciful smile upon them. They and their brethren in so many countries of the region deserve it.

Kitten said...

I too, was glad to see it went off with out to many problems....but there is no way they can give themselves the same level of protection we have offered them, which does not bode well for future elections.

kt said...

The problem is that whichever government is elected will not have any control either immediately in a military sense, or for the long-term in an economic sense. The IMF will be controlling the economy for the next ten years, as part of the deal for the cancelling of Saddam's debt.

I hate to be negative on a day when it seems progress is being made, but what are the Iraqis voting for, exactly?

james said...

Yeah, you have to wonder what they are voting for. I heard a Bush spokes person on CNN today and he was saying that they (The Bush govt) will not give a time-table on leaving Iraq. His reason was that then the terrorists would just wait and attack as soon as "we" left.

I then thought (and said out-loud to an empty house) "You idiot! They'll STILL just wait until the Americans leave and launch their little civil war.