Friday, January 07, 2005

I am In a Good Place

Today's incense is Amber and it is just lovely. It is a mixture of sweet and musky scents that is very nice. It goes nicely with the music of the day. That of course being the entrancing music of Ravi Shankar. So, be aware, I might sound a little spaced out and very mystical today.

Everything is right with the world and that is really always the case. However, when we feel that things are falling apart around us then there is a feeling of disconnect which is an illusion. It is really nothing more then a false perception of our mind which is being constricted and/or blocked by said perception. Or, (as is often in my case) the chemical make-up of the brain goes crazy and in turn creates chaos and disharmony in the mind's perceptions of "reality." Our perceptions can be changed and altered and our brain chemistry can be balanced. Which is where I am right now. I seem to be back on track with the right medications and so my brain is back in-line with what the heart and soul know and feel all along; that being that everything is right with the world and always has been.

We have this massive Juniper hedge out front that we barely prune because we like the privacy it creates from the street. Well, we also have a little bird feeder right above the bush and on the very outter edge of our roof. Anyway, combined our feeder and hedge have become quite the Mecca for those tiny but energetic finches. It is amazing to stand and watch them go from the hedge up to the feeder and back down into the hedge. There are various holes that they pop out of and there is always another one waiting behind for his/her chance to pop out of the hole and fly up to the "Restaurant."

It is quite breath-taking to watch these beautiful little creatures eat by the effort of our hands and then watch them take shelter from the cold and snow inside our massive hedge. Several times I have had to walk past the hedge in order to get to my car and in doing so I have spooked the birdies out of the hedge and you know, sometimes there are roughly a dozen or so that come out of there!! We see these birds as the closest thing that we will probably get to having pets. It is so lovely to feed and watch them and at the same time know that they are free to live their lives as wild birds. To watch them is really to watch the divine in action and since the Divine is also in me, it is as if the Divine is experiencing and watching and rejoicing in itself in myriad forms.

Speaking on the Divine, I am reading a new book that is so far proving to be very wonderful. It is titled, Journey to Self Realization: Collected Talks and Essays on Realizing God in Daily Life, Volume III. The author is the world famous Indian mystic, Paramahansa Yogananda. I am only on page 6 and I can already recommend it. This is an excellent book for anyone seeking the unvarnished truth concerning issues of God, religion and spirituality. This from the introduction:

"Paramahansa Yogananda honored all religions and their founders, and held in respect all sincere seekers of God. Part of his world mission was to reveal the complete harmony and basic oneness of original Christianity as taught by Jesus Christ and original Yoga as taught by Bhagavan Krishna."

That is just from the introduction! Now let me lay the first paragraph of the book on you:

"The kingdom of God is not in the clouds, in some designated point of space; it is right behind the darkness that you perceive with closed eyes. God is consciousness; God is absolute Existence; God is ever new Joy. This Joy is omnipresent. Feel your oneness with that Joy. It resides within you; and it encompasses infinity. Beyond the gross vibratory boundaries of matter, the Immutable Infinite reigns in all His majesty and vastness. Endlessness -- that is the kingdom of God; conscious Bliss, eternal and boundless. When your soul has expanded and feels its presence everywhere, then you are united with Spirit.

We bow to the Infinite on the altar of the horizon where the sky meets the ocean; and we bow to the transcendental Infinite on the altar of peace within us."

Wow. That was just the first paragraph of the book. I am totally floored and I am just barely starting it and to think that there are two previous volumes to this? How awesome is that?! I feel like a dog who has just been given a big, juicy bone with chunks of meat hanging off it.

Yogananda's words fit in perfectly with my mystical beliefs and they echo a lot of what I have read from Dr. Hawkin's books which I hold so dear to my heart too.

Well, the Amber incense is billowing around my head and Ravi's playing has combined with the relaxing scent to put me in a trance, so I think I am going to take a break and do some meditation. I'll talk with you dear ones later.

Peace and love and harmony to you all.

---End of Transmission---

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