Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Cancel the Party

I finally remembered the post that I was going to do this morning! The bong resin has apparently finally dripped out and is no longer clogging my memory banks. This is a post that will beat up a bit on GWB so if that rubs you the wrong way then I recommend playing some online pool or something instead of reading this post.

$15 million dollars is the rough price tag for President Bush's inauguration here in America. Does this not seem totally absurd and scandelous to anyone else??? O.k., let me lay out the case as to why I think this is obscene.

1). America is running record deficits under George W. Bush. I think that it would be a lot more responsible to spend that money on something other then a big bash for the President. I mean, come on. If you OWE money, the last thing that you are going to do (or should do) is throw a ragin' party that is so big you have splinter parties breaking off from the original party. SOo big that the people you owe (the American tax payers and world creditors like China and Japan) hear about it and without shame you decide to have the party anyway and rub it in everyone's face and show that you could care less how much your "bash" costs. This is otherwise known as: Let them eat cake.

2). The massive earthquake/tsunami in South and Southeast Asia. Let us suppose that the neighborhood to the east of you was entirely destroyed by a tornado or other devastation of nature. You send a bunch of money their way but decide to go ahead with your big party even while millions sit without a home let alone a big mansion to party in. Now let's say that said people are close enough to see and hear your party. You just keep on dancing while those hungry, tired eyes watch you. It would be very good taste if Bush said, "Ya know what? I'm going to cancel the big inaugural party this time and donate all the money to the tsunami victims." If he did that I would look at him with very, VERY different eyes. He would show himself to be the "compassionate conservative" he claims to be. I suspect too that he would gain quite a few people in the international community back on his side. Right now many people in the world see him as a spoiled, arrogant brat. It may be a stereotype but throwing this $15 dollar party in a time when millions of people sit homeless and fighting for their very lives isn't helping to destroy that stereotype. This is known as: Get a clue.

3). We are at war in Iraq.
I can't count how many times W stated that we are war and so we need to make sacrifices. First of all I believe that this war was a mistake and now we are being asked to pay for cleaning up his mess. So, the tax payer is asked to shell billions of dollars out to try and fix this mistake of a war and Bush decides to go ahead and throw a party? Seriously. Once again this raises issues and puts him in a bad light. It makes him look like he thinks he is better then everyone else. That he does not have to make sacrifices but the rest of us do? We have to pay for his bloody war while he dances the night away to the tune of $15 million dollars???


How can he have the nerve to party while our young men and women are dying in Iraq for his mistake? That is just sick, sick sick.

***Finally, let me say this: O.k., granted I do not like Bush one bit and I think he is the worst president in American history. Even worse then Nixon and that is pretty bad. That, however, is beside the point. I would be this upset at a democrat if he/she were in office and throwing a party under these situations. Just have the swearing in ceremony and get off the damn stage.

Blow it outch yer ass W.

---End of Transmission---


Minega said...

A bit off-topic...I noticed your comment on my Coldplay post and I'm always delighted to meet another Coldplay fan. I think they are the best band in the world at the moment and they can only get better. My only gripe is the fact that their albums are a bit too short-'Parachutes' for example had only ten songs with one lasting only thirty seconds. We need longer Coldplay albums!

Kitten said...

I have made no secret that I am a die-hard republican...but I have to so agree with you here, James. Its a no brainer..as they say....

james said...

Minega:I agree that Cold Play is one of the best bands out there right now but I would have to give the top spot to Radiohead. For me they are just that one step above. I love them both dearly though. I burned myself a c.d. that is a mixture of Cold Play and Radiohead songs. I love it!!

L.L.E. said...

lol @ "bong resin". $15 mil party, eh? all the guests getting a new car or something (ala Oprah)? oh and yeah, you can link the new blog. i wasn't trying to hide i just wanted it off of the root of my domain. i also deleted the super personal, mom-bashing entries. made me feel bad.

The Pink Kitty said...

I *heart* your post. W is an idiot.