Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The United Church of Christ

If I was Christian (and I kind of am since I believe in some of most all religions as a mystic) I would attend the United Church of Christ. I really love their new "controversial" television commericial. Go here to see the commericial if you haven't seen it.

Basically some people feel the commericial is controversial because it shows that the UCC accepts all people regardless of ability, age, race, economic circumstance or sexual orientation. Sexual orientation and the Christian faith has become a hot topic lately and I personally feel that Jesus would not refuse to accept or preach to homosexuals. Jesus taught us all after all that we should "love one another." He did not say anything about "loving one another" except the gays.

Growing up in a Christian faith I read the Bible quite a bit and I do not remember Jesus condeming homosexuals. He certainly did not say anything about banning homosexuals from being married. Some people say that the Old Testament says that homosexuality is an "abomination" but for one I do not agree with that interpretation of those scriptures. Secondly, even If those scriptures in the OT did comdemn homosexuality it was under the Law of Moses. Now, I was always taught that Jesus came to fulfill the Law of Moses and suplant it with his blood atonement.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your statement that God does not condemn gays. Now about the marriage thing, God made man from woman and woman for man, not for the same sex and this He states several times in the bible. Any other combination in marriage is not according to God's will. Therefore I strongly agree with the fact that no one should discriminate or reject homosexuals in reference to religion or anything else for that matter, but I do not agree with them uniting in marriage. If they wish to live that lifestyle it is their choice, their standing with God and I respect that, but to me marriage is a sacred union between man and woman.

james said...

Thanks for you comment. I appreciate your opinions. I'm glad that we can agree at least that God loves everyone regardless of what they do. God is love indeed.