Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Tsunami's and the Museum

I think we have all been stunned by the numbers killed in the deadly Tsunami's. The latest update that I have seen was that more then 76,700 people have been killed. The International Red Cross said that the number could easily go above 100,000. That is just a mind-blowing number. That is about the total of people that live in my entire city! Now they are talking about some 1 million other people without homes. That is like the entire population of Denver, CO which is our capital city. Homeless.

I am pretty sure that this is the worst disaster that I have seen in my lifetime. It is a sobering reminder that we are such fragile creatures who's lives can be snuffed out in a moment. It is a reminder to live each day to the fullest and to tell those who mean the most to you that you adore them. So, I wanted to take some time right now and tell you how much I adore and love you all. Thank-you for your friendships and the support that you offer me. It means so very much. The wife and I donated some money to the International Red Cross and I would urge all of you to donate a little money to one of these organizations. This is a time for the world to come together and show how interconnected we really are. First of all, donate. Then pray/meditate or just think about how precious our lives are. Give some one an extra hug today. Here's one from me to you all: ((((((hug))))))

Well, shifting gears a bit, we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science yesterday to view an egyptian exhibit and watch an IMAX movie titled the, "Mysteries of Egypt." The exhibit was kind of lame. Most of the stuff looked fake and it was stuff that just didn't really stand out. It was cool to see the history behind it all though. I did like the coffin lids that they had on display, so very detailed. Although I must admit that I really liked the jewelry that they had on display. Very stunning. I was also impressed with the Hawk-headed statues of Horus. Being that he is part hawk and part human I really like Horus. Some of you might remember that the Hawk/Falcon Eagle is my main animal guide. I have a very strong connection to Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, icons and practices. Maybe I was an Egyptian priest in a past life, who knows. Anyway, the IMAX movie was way cool. It was fun to be able to feel like you were actually in some of those historic sites.

That was basically it. We drove home (in some wicked traffic I might add.) and then had a few beers and went to bed.

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Kitten said...

Personally, Anubis is my favorite....If you want to see real cool egyptian arifacts, go to the British Museum in London. They have so much stuff that they have "acquired "over the years, more mummies than Egypt has I think....

james said...

Kitten: I would love to visit the British Museum. I have heard from several people know that they have a beautiful, and large collection of Egyptian artifacts. I would also love to visit the London Hood Art Museum.

I like Anubis too. He's my second fav. behind Horus. :)

Anonymous said...

I may be lame but I've always like Ra..can't help it Horus would be my second fave...
I'm more into Greek then Egyptian...but jazz on it all
Oh by the way I followed you from Kittens site.
There was a big Egyptian display here I really wanted to see but kept on with the "next weekend" thing then it was to late. Kicking self in the butt.

Alekx said...

Blog is killing me..that anonymous post up there was me, and I still followed you from kittens site.