Monday, December 13, 2004

The Sun God

Hope you're all having a good monday. I think i'm fighting off the flu. Posted by Hello


L.L.E. said...

wow. what a beautiful picture. having the flu sucks arse. ((((((((((((((james)))))))))))))) i hope you get better soon and thanks so much for sending much love my way. :) i'm feeling better after having vented when elvis got home and he hugged much of it away and let me cry like a big fat baby. then he gave me some xanax and laid me down for a nice long nap. now he's cooking dinner, yay!

Kate said...

Fight it! I say: take exercise and drink whisky ... lots of it! If you're feeling brave, do them together. It may not kill the flu but at least you'll feel weird in a good way.

Oh, and nice pic, thanks! That's kinda how I felt yesterday :D