Friday, December 24, 2004

So This is Christmas

Well, the 5mg of Lexapro is too much I think. I was bouncing off the ceiling yesterday. I was seeing all kinds of pretty colors like you would in a kaleidoscope. So, today I am taking half a pill and seeing how that goes. So far I'm not too jittery but I just barely too it so we'll see. The Seroquel might be a bigger problem though. It works great in cutting out the noise and paranoia etc. but I feel so sedated and my brain is so sloooooowwwwwwww. I don't really have much of an inner monologue. My brain just totally checks out and it makes it difficult to converse with people. Lani have you noticed these problems and what dose are you on now?
I might have to call the pdoc and have him tweek with the dosage.

Well, today is Christmas Eve and the wife and I are going over to my sister's house. My parents will be there as well so I hope things aren't awkward with the drinking business. My sister told them that we would be drinking and yet they still want to come so we'll see how things go. I hope we get to watch, "It's a Wonderful Life." Thats the only Christmas movie that I like to watch. I usually watch it every year on Christmas Eve. The other Christmas movie that I like is Christmas Vacation. What a riot of a movie.

Anyway, not much on my mind right now (Seroquel afterall). So, let me just wish everyone a Merry Christmas if I don't get the chance to post tomorrow. I love you all and wish you nothing but the best. I hope that 2005 makes you all millionaires and finds you in healthy and happy places.


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Meredith said...

Dear james,
May you have have the blessing of peace this holiday - peace in your heart, and in your family. And if you don't find it in your family, remember, you can still find it in your heart.

In light,

Kate said...

Peace and happiness to you, and your wife - I really hope the holiday period doesn't take its toll too much and that you get to watch that movie!
And here's to a great 2005 on the blog!
Hugs and best wishes and stuff ... Kate.

L.L.E. said...

i hope you and lori had a great christmas. :)