Saturday, December 18, 2004

"My Family in Iraq" by Stephen Said

I loathe most of the American media in reporting what is really going on in America and the world. In America, they do not report on the Ohio election fraud and how the Republicans stole another election. In the world, the media does not report on what is really going on in Iraq. Sure they talk about what the military is doing and reporting on the lastest casualites but they rarely report what life is like for the average Iraqi citizen and how they feel about everything. It is for this reason that I love to follow Iraqi blogs so that I can get the opinion of the average Iraqi. I found an article on Common Dreams by Steven Said where the author talks about life for his family back in Iraq. Here are some of the excerpts:

When I reached my cousin Omar at home in Baghdad last week, he said his father had been stranded in Mosul since the siege on Fallujah. Ghazi had gone to our family home there to be with my aunts Zeineb and Butheina for Ramadan feast. He told my father that when the siege on Fallujah began and the "freedom fighting" (or "insurgency" as it is called in the American media) spread to Mosul, the whole town shut down, everyone too afraid to go out, no businesses open, as though the place were deserted. Speaking with my father from their family home, Ghazi reported that now conditions are so bad, that the vast majority wishes Saddam Hussein were back in was better then, even for the majority who either endured or tolerated, as my family, but did not support the Baathist regime.

Four of my aunts and uncles are doctors in the main Hospitals in both Baghdad and Mosul. From contact with them, I can only imagine what it does to a doctor's heart to try to heal, knowingly in vain, a people who now may have become the first victims of irreparable, long-term geno-contamination in human history: Already at the Conference on Nuclear Arms in Hamburg, Oct. 2003, Dr. Katsuma Yagasaki, Prof. of Science at the University of Ryukyus, Okinawa, reported the US had dropped the equivalent of 250,000 times the radioactive nuclear waste dropped on Nagasaki in Iraq. Different from Nagasaki, however, the contamination in Iraq is widespread, dispersed over entire regions of the country, bullets, strewn casings, armor, fragments, shrapnel... all containing radioactive waste.

The ordinary Iraqi, the silenced majority, is not fighting in the Mahdi Army, or for the insurgents, or joining the American-installed governing authority and its 'police.' The silenced majority, like my nephews and nieces hiding in their basements, hoping they can just go outside, or get to school again, or get food, water, electricity regularly again, know in their hearts that it is economic imperialism itself that suppresses them, that the US Government and military are pawns for corporate interests. They understand the cause of global justice all too well. They know their enemy is a globally endured system in which the ability for some to have more power and wealth than others creates and sustains a legacy of dominance, divisiveness, oppression, violence, and hatred to maintain power. (GOI Editors note: It is time for Democratic Socialism to spread!)

From this perspective, the American military, the Baathists, Ariel Sharon and Likkud Israel, Bin Laden, al Sadr, or Saddam Hussein, are all cousins in an endless parade of foot soldiers for the same problem: the system of economic dominance we all live under that requires oppression. When I asked my family what they thought was the only way to peace in Iraq, they answered, " the only way for peace in Iraq, or on earth now, is through a total revolution in society. One no short of the dream which Christ, Mohammed, and all the prophets spoke of, in which real equality brings an end to this entire unjust way in which we all live together." (GOI Editors note: Like I said, bring on Socialism.)

Now that's a different perspective that you won't find on the "unfaird and unbalanced" FOX,CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. The interent and talk radio are about the only places that I get my news anymore. They are the only outlets of true, honest and independent voices reporting and analyzing the news. That's all for now.

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They sent for all the reservists in American Samoa and there are THIRTY remaining on the island. Absurd. The governor is livid. Did we run out on the mainland or something?