Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Massive Attack Kills Record Number of Americans

19 American soldiers killed today in the deadliest attack on Americans of this war.
The attack hit a mess tent on an American military base, killed 24 total and wounded 60 some others.

My Comment: It seems to me that American military bases are supposed to be some of the safest places in Iraq. This attack seems like they had a guy/guys on the inside. How would they know where the mess tents were located otherwise? If they have infiltrated our military bases then how do we expect the rest of Iraq to be anywhere safe enough to hold elections?! This is going to be a never ending war. This is exactly what you get when you try to force people into adopting the form of government that you prefer they adopt. True democracy is born and burns from the inside out and that is how this should have gone from the very beginning. We should have supported the freedom loving Iraqi's from the outside to over-throw Saddam. Keep in place and enforce the "no-fly" zones and let the Iraqi's do their own revolution. The other thing is that Saddam Hussein would not live forever. He isn't immortal. The waves of change and revolution would have come to the Iraqi people eventually. Instead we had to be typical, impatient Americans and force the issue. We can not save everyone and we have to choose our battles and wars wisely and this one was not chosen wisely at all. It was chosen by a handful of men who have never been in a combat position themselves (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.)

Then when the initial smoked cleared the people we were trying to "liberate" have become our enemy! This is all without even mentioning the biggest blunder (that no one mentions anymore) that being the failure to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

That being said, I'm not sure what we should do at this point. In some ways I feel that we have to stay no matter what the cost. This is the Colin Powell, "if it's broke it you own it" policy. However, I also feel that in over throwing Saddam we kicked off a civil war and that is the last thing our military should be caught up in. Can anyone say Vietnam? That was a massive civil war that swallowed us up whole and would not let us go for 10 years. We have to ask ourselves if we are prepared to deal with the same thing in Iraq. We could be there for longer then 10 years at this rate.

The Iraqi people need to stand up and fight for their country. Ed Schultz talked about this today during his radio show. He talked about how the "French resistence" did everything they could to help the Allies fight off the Germans. Where is the Iraqi resistence? It does not exist because the Iraqis do not seem to want to fight this fight. Maybe they want a dictator more then a civil war? I don't know. Maybe they want an Islamic state more then they want a democratic state? They sure don't seem to want it as much as George W. Bush wants it for them.

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Kitten said...

OK...not olly do I believe in the death penalty...but I am a Republican.

Wow..two strikes in one day!


Kitten said...

I just checked out your paintings..You are amazing. I particularly LOVE the turtles you did for your wife, and the brick wall. While I am not into abstract art.(my husbands uncle is a very famous artist) my house is filled with artwork. I keep telling him it is starting to look like a gallery in here!
I appreciate all art..in any form.

Very impressed James..you will go far....

james said...

Kitten...Your words warmed my heart and made me smile. Thank you so kindly for you compliments and comments on my artwork. They mean a lot especially since abstract art is not your favorite style. You are a sweetie for saying such kind things. You made my day. ((((Kitten))))

james said...

It's o.k. kitten. I still love ya. I love to have diversity in my life and thus I enjoy having Republican friends too! I am proud to count you as another one.
*cheers up kitten with a hug* ((((kitten))))

Kitten said...

A lot of my friends are liberals....I love them just the same. Makes for good conversation and debate.
Love and Hugs to you to, James.
Your the best. xo