Friday, December 17, 2004

In This Issue: Mentall Illness, Dreams, Art, Stem Cells and Europe

Yesterday was a total train-wreck thus the no post. Let's just say that I had an out of body experience for most of the day. It was all I could do to keep everything together. Anyway, on with today's babble. I've been having a difficult time waking up the last few days. I still get up at 9a.m. (which is early for me so don't send me any condesending messages about how I "sleep in" and you get up at 4a.m. or whatever). Usually I just jump right out of bed at 8a.m. but not lately. The thing is also that I am going to bed the night before at like 9! I don't know what's wrong with me this time but I am pretty sure it is time to increase something. My brain chemicals are all dancing around again. Plus, I'm having these really amazing dreams again (which I don't mind). In them I usually travel to different places and get "visions" for art work and the like. Speaking of art work. I went to the printer yesterday and approved the prints of the first 10 paintings. So I should have prints fully available within the next couple of weeks. Then, my website should up fully able to take orders. I think it should be able to take orders now but they will be on back-order. If you do that though you'll be guaranteed a print in this first edition. God, I get soooo depressed when I wake up every morning. I'm just sitting here waiting for the depression to lift and then I have to ride a rocket of anxiety and paranoia once the Celexa kicks in too much later this afternoon. Then take the Ativan to calm back down. Such is the life of one touched by fire. Riding that razor thin edge between genius and insanity.

Wow. I just realized that I haven't been spacing out any of these random thoughts that I'm throwing at you. Hmmm. Oh well. I don't really mind that style actually so maybe i'll adopt that for awhile. Anyway, on the news front I read today that in Germany they repaired some girl's exposed skull with stem cells. That is so f*cking awesome I can't even explain how happy that makes me feel. I new it was only a matter of time before some thing massive like this was going to prove the importance of stem cells and stem cell research. Plus, I knew it was going to happen in Europe. Europe is WAY ahead of close-minded America when it comes to this and many other things. I just hope that America can get its shit together soon and step up the stem cell research. With President Chimp stealing the election and back in place as "president for life" there seems no chance though. GO EUROPE!!! I look to Europe more and more these days and I think that they are going to surpass the USA in many areas. I think the European Union is a great idea and way to check American hegemony and idiocy under the rabid conservatives here.
If Lori and I don't end up moving to Hawaii or Canada then we are headed for Europe. I think that my days in America are numbered. That's all for now.

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mynym said...

What do your visions look like?

james said...

Oh well, my visions are vast and varied. Just take a peek at my art work for a hint of the visions and images I was refering to. I have a link to my paintings on the left called "my art website" or something of the like.