Friday, December 03, 2004


I know that this may come as a shock to all of you readers but I am not a big fan of Christmas. Sure, as a kid I loved it but then again what kid wouldn't love being showered with free shit that you've been yearning for throughout the year?

Christmas is a made-up "religious" holiday anyway. It is not a holiday about Christ (you're thinking about Easter). It is a holiday about Santa Claus and crappy music. Society has been playing the same goddamn holiday music for the last 40 some years! Don't you think that is just a little sick?! The only change comes when some R&B singer try's to "spice" these songs up but not even the coolest cat could make some of these songs cool.

Anyway, most Christians worship the all mighty dollar during the holiday season in the silly tradition of buying gifts for everyone you know. Present giving is basically just exchanging money back and forth in the form of junk. Do we really need most of the crap that people buy us? Most of it just gets tossed in that junk closet/room/drawer (we all have the "junk drawer/room/closest" don't we?).

What is it about Christmas that makes people drive around like psychotics off their meds who've been smoking the crack pipe, shooting up heroin and been awake for 3-weeks straight? I couldn't even go to the local "Hobby Lobby" to buy myself one damn tube of paint without playing bumper cars and standing in the Disneyland-esque lines.

Here is my suggestion for Christmas. Let's do away with gift giving all together and give our money instead to the homeless shelter, the county mental health center, or the humane society. As for our kids? They don't need all that junk anyway. It just spoils them and teaches them to be selfish mass consumers. They get enough during their birthday. The birthday is better because it is the one day a year that is their own little holiday. Besides, the whole Santa thing is sick. We teach these kids about this magical guy who gives kids presents on Christmas and then a few years later we basically tell our kids that Santa was just a big lie.


And we wonder why kids learn to distrust adults?

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Tommy Gnosis said...

Amen, brother James! I could not agree more. I do celebrate Easter, but to employ the vernacular, Christmas is bullshit.

Besides, Yeshua a/k/a Jesus of Nazareth was actually born on September 11, 3 BC.

My inner calvinist (now a little bit distorted due to many glasses of cheap red wine at my wife's office xmas party) tells me that Christmas is a blasphemous fraud. We should endeavor to be virtuous to demonstrate our virtue to ourselves and hope that we are are worthy of election, not because we better be good for goodness sake.

james said...

Yeah, I don't celebrate Easter either. To be honest I don't really celebrate any religious holiday (or other holiday for that matter). I think that every day is special and that we should show our love and appreciation for each other all year round not just on "manufactured" days. Anyway, back to Jesus. He was a liberal anyway.

Zachariah Medel said...

Excellent, that was really well explained and helpful

james said...

Zach: Thanks!! Glad it was helpful to you.