Saturday, November 06, 2004


I know that it is way too early to be talking about the 2008 election but I have to look forward right now. Especially since I can not get into Canada (Calm down...I'm joking Toby. Or am I?) Anyway, I do not want to think about the Bush administration too much today but I will say this. Give them their party and let them cream over their "4 more years." We can sit back and watch them hang themselves with those 4 years. The ball is totally in their court. They have total control over the federal government and no one to blame now but themselves. My predicition is that they are going to royally screw the government up and burn this country down to the foundation. So much so that we should be able to walk into the White House in '08. We will be there to pick up the pieces and rebuild a well-oiled, decent government that actually WORKS for the people instead of against the people. Anyway, enough about the Republican'ts.

Who do I think should run for the dem's in 2008? Certainly not Hillary Clinton. Yeah, she is just too polarizing a person. Too many people have a pajorative opinion of the lady. Also, it seems that America does not want a liberal president and that would be Hillary for sure (As much as I want to see a liberal as president). Although I will admit one reason why I would like to see her win and that is because I would like to see Bill back in the White House. That would make the Republican's go absolutely ape-shit and I would just love to see him become the "First-Gentleman."

O.k., so here is the ticket that I would like to see the dem's run in four years. John Edwards running as president and Sen. Barack Obama from Illinois running as VP. John Edwards should have run as the president this year but that didn't happen. I think though that he will win the primary in 2008. He is a moderate democrat who can appeal to just about every segment of the American population and he is an eloquent speaker. Edwards is the perfect, American example of "rags to riches." And Barack Obama? What's not too like about Barack Obama? He is a first generation American who pulled himself up to become a Senator of the United States of America. Obama himself represents the best of what America has to offer. His father was a goat farmer in Kenya before moving his family to America. Having lived in Africa for a couple years I would LOVE to see Obama in the White House.

This guy Obama(like Edwards) can fire up any crowd with his speeches. His speech at the Democratic National Convention this year was amazing and had me up off the couch clapping my hands with shivers all over. He would also be a great choice for president and I personally think that he will eventually be the first African-American U.S. President. I would love to see Obama run as President in 2008 but I think that he would still need a little more experience such as being VP to Edwards. That being said, I will put my support FULLY behind him should he become the nominee in '08.

Anyway, just a little positive thinking and energy to push us forward into the future. I am finally in the acceptance stage of the grieving process and I am looking forward to 2008. True, it's going to be a bumpy, scary ride over the next four years but we will emerge intact and we will take back our government. Stay strong, united and pissed. Anger is depression put into action.

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